BOS Civil Mounts Bay Roads Two Way Conversion

BOS Civil were awarded the contract to undertake the conversion of Mounts Bay Road between Mill and William St convert the road to two-way traffic, and selected Constructive Project Solutions to work alongside their in-house engineering and construction team to deliver the project. The aim of the project was to increase traffic permeability in Perth City and improve pedestrian access around the major city bus port.

Major works for this project included:

  • Widening of Mounts Bay Road to facilitate two-way conversion
  • Profiling and resurfacing between Spring St and William St
  • Construction of principal shared path
  • Construction of median island along Mounts Bay Roads
  • Relocation of public toilet unit
  • Remove and relay new footpath


Key principals adopted during the works:

  • Efficient coordination of work in a confined work area on a major city road to maximise project productivity
  • Safe excavation around major underground utilities to prevent damage to third party assets
  • Management of the worksite to minimise disruption to the flow of traffic and inconvenience to pedestrians